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Let's talk about Facebook now, so you can profit and have fun with your family later! 


I first developed my signature system for Facebook marketing as a Facebook employee and I've continued optimizing the system while running hundreds of campaigns within my Facebook Marketing Agency.


Now, I've assembled absolutely everything you need to run successful results-driven Facebook Ads in an easy to understand and implement digital course!  

Why This Course is Good for you?

  • 1

    Facebook Ads will effectively grow your business. With this course, you'll spend less time confused & frustrated so that you can do more important things (or more fun things).

    Facebook ads allow you to find prospective clients, remarket to your existing clients, and optimize for the actions that mean the most to you... but, marketing should not be taking up hours of your day. You need to streamline your marketing strategy so that you can spend your time more intentionally - whether that's completing income producing activities, or just spending time doing fun things, like playing with your kids, while your marketing is working for you! 

  • 2

    It can be tough to know who to trust. Rest assured, this training is on par with internal Facebook trainings. I would know, I'm a former employee.

    There are a LOT of well-meaning people out there trying to help people with their Facebook marketing. Tons of courses to choose from, "experts training experts," and meaningless certification programs. My training, however, comes directly from Facebook. I was employed at Facebook within their Marketing Expert program and applied all the knowledge and experience to my agency clients upon leaving Facebook, and now I am finally entering into the online educational space! I don't waste any time on unauthentic gimmicks or growing vanity numbers. We'll focus exclusively on the core principles that will lead you to quality results.

  • 3

    Facebook is confusing & frustrating because it's always changing. This course will be updated regularly to stay up to date!

    After leaving my job at Facebook, I knew I wanted to help as many people as possible. I thought about writing a book, but with the frequency at which Facebook changes, it just would not make sense. It'd be obsolete in a year (or less). I've been blogging for months, but the organization of blog content isn't as user friendly as a course - so this format will allow me to effectively train you on Facebook marketing, and as changes occur, each lesson can be updated as needed to remain relevant and helpful. 

  • 4

    Everyone learns differently, so I offer multiple levels of support!

    I've helped thousands of marketers and business owners grasp Facebook marketing and I know that no two people learn the same way. Some will find great success with the self-paced course, which is broken down into easy to consume "bite sized" pieces. Others will need a little guidance and accountability along the way. For those that prefer a little extra support, I offer a 1:1 mentorship program as well as a group mentorship program. 

Here's What You'll Get!

This course is dripped - which means one module is released per week. This helps combat overwhelm that typically occurs when the full course content is released all at once. Each module contains multiple lessons to guide you through each step of my signature Facebook marketing system. You will keep lifetime access to the content - so if you do fall behind you can easily pick up where you left off when the time is right for you!

  • Business Page Basics

    • Setup & Strategy

  • Intro to Business Manager

    • Determining if you need it

    • Set-up & Management

  • Boosting vs. Advertising

    • Dispelling common misconceptions

  • Facebook Pixel

    • Installation

    • Standard Events & Custom Conversions

    • Troubleshooting

  • Nomenclature

    • Campaigns

    • Ad Sets

    • Ads

  • Facebook Ad Policies

    • Don’t skip over this one!!

    • Most common reasons for Ad disapproval

  • The Opt-In Offer

    • What to offer

    • How to package it

  • The Landing Page

    • Design elements

    • Compelling copy

    • Mobile optimization

  • Email Sequences

    • Welcome & deliver opt-in

    • Nurturing & follow-up

  • Helpful Tools

    • All in one solutions

    • FREE solutions

  • Awareness Ads

    • Reach & brand awareness

  • Consideration Ads

    • Boosting strategically

    • Targeted Page likes

    • Lead generation

    • Driving website traffic 

    • Event attendance

    • Sales & special offers

    • Building relationships with messenger ads

  • Conversion Ads

    • Driving more sales 

    • Offline conversions

    • Dynamic retargeting ads

  • Building the Ads Funnel

  • Mastering FB Ad Targeting

    • Advanced targeting

    • Target your List

    • Exclusionary targeting

    • Advertising to the people who are most similar to your current customers

  • Extend Reach and  Maximize Visibility 

    • Instagram

    • Audience Network & Instant Articles

  • How Much Do Facebook Ads Really Cost?

    • How much money you should budget for your Ads

    • Understand Facebook Bidding Structure

  • Ad Optimization

    • Multiple Creative Testing

  • Ad Copy

    • 3 Pieces of Compelling Copy Each Ad Must Have

    • Delivering an effective Call To Action

  • Ad Creative

    • Free Stock Photos

    • Optimizing Video for Auto-Play

    • Leverage the power of Video with Slideshows

    • Using Carousel to Tell Story or Display Multiple Images

    • Telling a Story through immersive full-screen experiences

  • Automated Rules for tracking Ad Performance
    • When and How to Use 
    • Interpreting Analytics
    • Interpreting Relevance Score
    • Tracking Key Performance Indicators that Matter Most to Your Business
    • Identifying Benchmarks of Performance for Your Business
  • Optimizing Ads
    • Targeting, Placement, Platform, etc.
  • Scaling 
    • Ad Budget
    • Expanding Your Facebook Ads Funnel

About The Instructor

After leaving her corporate job at Facebook in 2017 to be a more present mom to her 4 daughters, Meg founded EIEIO Marketing; a digital marketing agency focused on Facebook Marketing. Through highly targeted, results-driven, Facebook Ads she's delivered results for her clients that include:

  • Doubling lead volume without a budget increase
  • 62% more sales than the in-house team
  • Attaining a 16x return on ad spend
  • Reducing the cost per lead by over 90%

Meg Brunson

CEO & Facebook Marketing Expert


Vince Reed
Founder, Internet Traffic Factory

Stacy Brookman

Life Storytelling & Resilience Expert

Chris E.

Social Media Manager & Strategist

Facebook Wonder Woman

Meg is knowledgeable, savvy, and just plain fun... If you're looking for an ad expert... look no further than this powerhouse wonder woman.

Laura A.

Environmental Toxins Expert

Facebook Marketing gold!

I find Facebook advertising to be super confusing, but I literally feel like a Facebook Ad Genius after working with Meg.  I feel like I hit FB Ad Marketing gold after talking to Meg!

Christina W.

Facebook Trainer

A top performer while at Facebook!

Meg was a star trainee in my Facebook Marketing Expert training class. She was an active participant who sought out her own hands on learning by applying training topics to her online blog. She was eager to help out fellow trainees. This type of positive attitude lent towards her achievement of quickly becoming one of the top performers in our program within months of graduating training. 

Stacia K.

Sales Coach

She has the insider secrets!

Meg is so helpful. Anytime I have a question she knows where to direct me. It is so awesome to work with someone who has the insider secrets! She is definitely a pro.

Michele L.

Dog Trainer

She has all the answers!

Meg is absolutely amazing to work with, she explained everything perfectly (for a non-techy like me). 

Is this Course Right for You?

It's my goal to save you time - not waste it! 


  • New-to-Facebook marketers OR "veterans" who are dissatisfied with their FB ad results.

  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn efficient and effective marketing strategies that they can implement themselves without investing a ton of time.

  • Small business owners who want to learn the basics before outsourcing their FB marketing.

  • Marketers spending (or ready to spend) $5-$50+ per day on Facebook Ads.

  • Business owners who want to connect with their ideal customers and make more money!


  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn about LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, SEO, etc. - this is ONLY Facebook & Instagram marketing.

  • Business Owners looking to outsource with no desire to do it themselves. I do offer agency services, but this is not it.

  • Marketers who don't see the value in paid advertising - this course does not go deep into organic strategy.

  • Dating services, Gambling businesses, Bitcoin/Currency trading, CBD/Hemp businesses, Gun/ammunition businesses.


I love free stuff - and I want you to be supported in your Facebook Ads journey, so here are some of the bonuses that you'll enjoy when you enroll in Ready? Set... AD! And like the course itself, you'll receive Lifetime Access to everything!

Access to the Mastermind Group 

Have you ever wondered how the pros make Facebook Ads look so easy? Well, they do not do it alone, that's for sure!  In this Mastermind Group you'll join a small group of high-performers (led by me!) to share wins, troubleshoot, and optimize your Facebook Ads. Through this collaboration, you'll be perfectly positioned to reach your Facebook Marketing Goals much sooner than any other approach!

Understand the Algorithm Training

It seems like the algorithms change daily - which is frustrating for business owners - but it doesn't have to be that way! In this 20 minute video training, you’ll discover the TRUTH about the Algorithm ...and how you can position your brand to succeed, despite any changes that may occur now, or in the future!

Cheatsheets, Checklists, and Worksheets GALORE!

I'm not just going to tell you how to run successful Facebook Ads - and I'm not just going to show you either. Within this course, you'll access resources that will allow you to effectively run Ads yourself - the tools you need to keep everything organized, which will make your processes easy to understand and duplicate.

Start Today! Choose Your Plan Below.

Choose the level of support you need to be successful. The course was created to be self-paced, however if you would benefit from increased support and accountability, I suggest you consider the group mentorship or the 1:1 mentorship!

Self-Paced Course





  • 6-weeks dripped content beginning October 22nd 

  • Lifetime Access

  • Learn at your own pace

Group Mentorship





Starting October 22

Limited to 20 spots! 

  • 12 weekly video conferences LIVE with Meg!

  • 3 months eMail support

  • Recordings of all video calls

1:1 Mentorship





  • 12 weekly 1:1 strategy session video conferences with Meg!

  • 3 months of eMail support

  • Recordings of all video calls


If you have questions that are not covered here, email and we'll get you an answer (and possibly add your question to the list for others to benefit from too)!

Is this a course for beginners?

I've bought courses before - what makes yours different?

Do I need ads running? Or an ad budget?

Do you teach Instagram Ads too? 

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The Course & Mentorship Begin Soon!

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