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Facebook Live Video Broadcasting Kit

You Need the Facebook Live Video Broadcast Kit...

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    ...So you NEVER run out of topics to talk about!

    Coming up with exactly what to say is the number one reason why people procrastinate and put off hitting that "GO LIVE" button on Facebook. With the Video Broadcast Kit, you'll browse through a variety of topics, select the ones that best suit your current goals, and leverage the 9 simple steps to go live with confidence. Plus, you can plan out your topics for the month (or longer) all at once - I find batching my content saves a ton of time!

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    ...So you know how to keep people engaged and watching!

    If you've gone Live before, you probably know what it feels like to talk to an empty room - or to get excited/anxious because you finally have someone watching... only to see that number drop back down to 0. There is an art to building your live audience - and the Video Broadcast Kit will guide you through that process. Plus, you have got to remember that even Oprah gets more views on her replays than she does Live - so don't let that prevent you from sharing your brilliance with the world!

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    ...So you can reach as many people organically (without ads) as possible!

    Organic reach on Facebook is pathetic - right? You're lucky if 10% of your Page actually sees the content that you're posting - which cases many businesses to neglect their Page all together. But, the truth is, that your best chance of getting organic reach is through video - and even more so through LIVE video - which is why you need the Video Broadcast Kit. You can leverage the Kit in other places, like your Facebook Group or even over on Instagram - but I always recommend going live from your Page because down the road you can leverage those Live audiences to run Facebook Ads driving other important conversions within your business!

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    ...So you can best serve your audience while growing your business!

    At the end of the day, we produce content to serve our audience (that's why I assembled this Kit - to serve YOU!) and the best way to get in front of existing and prospective clients is with video. When you can see and hear the person talking, a different level of know/love/trust is established. We also need to ensure we're growing our business in the process, which is where the Kit comes in handy. You'll learn how to effectively schedule a variety of content and structure each broadcast to deliver a strong call-to-action that will grow and scale your business.

Here's What You'll Get!

Facebook Live Video Guide

The 9 simple steps presented in this guide (with video lessons) will lead you through the process of scheduling, planning, and executing each broadcast with confidence.

Ultimate Collection of Video Prompts

With over 1,000 ideas (organized to not be overwhelming) you'll never run out of things to talk about again! PLUS many of these prompts can be easily reused with a fresh spin.

YES! These prompts can be used for other types of content and social posts as well! #BONUS

Facebook Video Ad Guide

Expand the reach of your Live broadcasts with an inexpensive and effective Ad that will grow your following, generate leads, and help make more conversions.

You'll Never Run Out of Topics to Talk About!

190+ Prompts

Divided into 3 categories: Promotional, Personal, and Community - because variety is key!

180+ Quotes

Thought provoking quotes from a variety of sources to be used as inspiration for broadcast topics!

280+ Words

to consider when setting your word-of-the-month (or year!) - which makes a great video topic!

366+ Holidays

Something silly and/or fun to celebrate every day of the year (and more) - you'll have fun creatively relating these to your business! 

Organize Your Content Calendar With:


I recently fell deep in love with Trello. Inside this board, each category is it's own List and each prompt has its own Card and checklist with all the different tasks needed to get your broadcast ready to go. Use the "Due Date" feature to plan out your calendar!

Google Sheets

For spreadsheet lovers we've created a basic spreadsheet with each category on a different sheet. Add other columns to suit your needs and track things like the dates you used each prompt and different variations/ideas!

Downloadable PDFs

If you love physical planners this is for you! Print one copy and put the pages into clear page protectors, then use dry erase markers to check the boxes and make notes without ACTUALLY annotating ON the pages. This will allow you to wipe the pages clean and start fresh with new brands/years/etc!

Strategy Is Simple With These Printables:

  • Practice Script

    Use this worksheet to pull your ideas together, practice, and build your outline.

  • Outline Worksheet

    After practicing, use this basic outline during your broadcast to keep you on track.

  • Pre-Broadcast Checklist

    15 Minutes before you plan to go live, review this checklist to make sure you're really ready!

  • Post-Broadcast Checklist

    Don't forget to do these important things after you broadcast!

  • Content Calendar Template

    Print this blank calendar template to plan out broadcast topics for the month!

  • Video Ad Checklist

    6 Steps to successful video ad creative and a targeting trick to ensure you get the most reach with your ad!

Plus So Much More!

Nice To Virtually Meet You!

Before working at Facebook, I got my entrepreneurial start as a bow-maker and mommy blogger. I loved working at Facebook, but left the 9-5 to return to my entrepreneurial roots and a life of freedom and flexibility.


I'm currently RV'ing across the US with my husband, four daughters, and pit bull puppy, while empowering other families to live their dreams, by pursuing their passions together.


My clients are increasing influence online - leveraging the power of Facebook and Instagram marketing to build their businesses without sacrificing family time.


I am a professional speaker, children’s book author, host of the FamilyPreneur podcast and the founder of EIEIO Marketing.



It's Bonus Time!

When you grab the Facebook Live Video Broadcast Kit you're also going to snag these amazing and valuable bonuses!

Tech & Tools to Amplify Your Live Video Strategy

It's true that all you need is a cell phone to go live - but there are also a ton of tech and tools that can make the process quicker, easier, and/or higher quality! Learn how to stream pre-recorded video live, how to ensure a steady hand when recording, and more!

Painless Pixel Training & Installation Videos

Even if you're not running Facebook Ads yet, every single business' website should have the Facebook Pixel installed. Installing the Pixel means that you can access Facebook Analytics, and when you do start running ads you'll be able to optimize for conversions (like leads & purchases), create custom audiences based on the people who have visited your website, and track advanced analytics. The sooner you get the Pixel installed the better!  This resource includes training videos for any platform - if you don't see yours listed, just reach out and we'll make one for you!

Plus, All Future Updates!

Facebook is always changing and if/when any chances occur that effect Live broadcasts, the Video Broadcast Kit will be updated. PLUS, any new goodies that are added to the kit at a later date will also be included - there are already some top-secret plans on the horizon - and the cost will likely increase as we add more goodies - which is why you'll benefit most by grabbing it now!

Don't Delay, Take Advantage of This Offer Today!

It's not going to last forever!

Facebook Live Video Broadcast Kit

  • Facebook Live Video Guide

  • Ultimate Collection of Video Prompts

  • Facebook Video Ad Guide

  • BONUS: Tech & Tools to Amplify Your Live Video Strategy

  • BONUS: Painless Pixel Training & Installation Videos

  • BONUS: All Future Updates!






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