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This little snippet of HTML code will revolutionize the way you market your business on Facebook...

Up-leveling your Facebook Ads and/or unlocking analytical tracking superior to any other tool or software

(so even if you are not running ads - this is for you!)

and I'm going to make it PAINLESS - even if you are technology-impaired!

When I was hired by Facebook, I quickly learned how many mistakes I had been making with my Facebook Ads, despite the success that I was getting... yikes!


I can't even imagine what my success would have looked like if I knew then what I know now! 


Reflecting on my time working at Facebook, and my experience managing ads and consulting with business owners since stepping out on my own, I've identified the number one element that most businesses are missing is the Facebook Pixel.

Now, you either don't have a clue what the Pixel is (so, you know you are in the right place) - OR - you are thinking that you already have the Pixel installed and maybe this isn't for you(?)... but, let me ask you:

Are you really leveraging EVERYTHING that the Facebook Pixel can do for you?!


Probably not!  Which is why you TOO are in the right place!

Did You Know: Facebook Analytics is NOT the same thing as Business Page Insights OR Ads Manager?!

Yup! It's a totally separate dashboard - similar to Google Analytics - that most business owners are NOT using, and should be!


It's FREE, and the Facebook Analytics data both compliments and enhances the information you learn from your Google Analytics data!

So,what can the Facebook Pixel do for you?!

  • 1

    Understand how users interact with your business across your website, app, FB Page, and more.

    Facebook's unique ability to track people across platforms and devices gives it a leg-up on other analytical software - including Google Analytics! Leverage Facebook Analytics to track the customer journey across your Facebook Page, Messenger, Apps, and Website to learn more about your users than you ever thought possible!

  • 2

    Discover what webpages are costing your business money, and which are making money.

    Use Facebook Analytics and/or Facebook Ads Manager reporting to track the customer journey and identify what pages are converting well, and what pages are costing your business money. Pixel-based analytics will help you identify where the "leaks" are in your sales funnel - so that you can patch those leaks and start making more money! 

  • 3

    Optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns to get more of the results that matter most to you.

    Don't just optimize your Ads for engagement or clicks - optimize them for the actions that really matter - CONVERSIONS. When you are running Ads, you likely want to get leads or sales, right?!  So let's make Facebook Ads work for us and find us the people who are most likely to convert - not just click. With Pixel, you have the ability to drive traffic to one page, but have Facebook find you the right people who will take the next action... and if you're an eCommerce business this will set you up to run Dynamic Ads (those are the highly targeted ones that follow you around everywhere after you visit someone's website!). Really powerful stuff!

  • 4

    Build Audiences for re-targeting your most engaged shoppers by tracking website traffic.

    With the Pixel installed on your website you can create highly-targeted custom audiences of people who have visited your website - or even specific web pages!  Facebook will also allow you to create Lookalike Audiences from these custom audiences. So, you can track the people who are visiting your website, then have Facebook analyze those people to figure out what they all have in common - and then find other people who are most similar to those people to show your ads to!  PLUS it can retain data for up to 6 months - so even if you're not advertising now, it's beneficial to install Pixel now so that it's there when you need it! Ahh, the power of Facebook!

Here's What You'll Get:

Guidance through installation, troubleshooting, and leveraging the Facebook Pixel. You will keep year-long access to the content - so if you fall behind you can easily pick up where you left off when the time is right for you!

Module #1

  • Step-by-step Video Tutorials


    • ClickFunnels

    • Kartra

    • GoDaddy

    • Kajabi

    • Wix

    • ...and more!

Guarantee: If we don't have YOUR platform, we'll install it free!

  • Track the customer journey with Standard Events and Custom Conversions
  • Advanced Pixel Installation with Google Tag Manager

Module #2

  • Make informed business decisions through enhanced data tracking.

    • Track users across platforms (website, Facebook Page, apps)

    • Track users across devices (mobile & desktop).

  • Facebook v. Google Analytics

    • Understand why the  attribution and reporting inconsistencies exist between tools

    • Leverage data from both tools to see the bigger picture.

Module #3

  • Optimize Facebook Ad campaigns for the actions that matter most

    • Deliver ads to the people most likely to convert.

    • Ensure Ads are generating the desired results.

  • Target audiences accurately and effectively

    • Include warm traffic/leads

    • Exclude existing clients/customers 

  • Understanding the Analytics

    • Make informed decisions to increase the return on ad spend.

Hi, I'm Meg!

After leaving my corporate job at Facebook in 2017 to be a more present mom to my 4 daughters, I founded EIEIO Marketing; a digital marketing agency focused on Facebook Marketing. Through highly targeted, results-driven, Facebook Ads I've delivered results for my clients that include:

  • Doubling lead volume without a budget increase

  • 62% more sales than the in-house team

  • Attaining a 16x return on ad spend

  • Reducing the cost per lead by over 90%

Meg Brunson

CEO, EIEIO Marketing. Facebook Marketing Expert.

You may recognize me from:

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Facebook Marketing gold!

I find Facebook advertising to be super confusing, but I literally feel like a Facebook Ad Genius after working with Meg.  I feel like I hit FB Ad Marketing gold after talking to Meg!

Christina W.

Facebook Trainer

A top performer while at Facebook!

Meg was a star trainee in my Facebook Marketing Expert training class. She was an active participant who sought out her own hands on learning by applying training topics to her online blog. She was eager to help out fellow trainees. This type of positive attitude lent towards her achievement of quickly becoming one of the top performers in our program within months of graduating training. 

Stacia K.

Sales Coach

She has the insider secrets!

Meg is so helpful. Anytime I have a question she knows where to direct me. It is so awesome to work with someone who has the insider secrets! She is definitely a pro.

Michele L.

Dog Trainer

She has all the answers!

Meg is absolutely amazing to work with, she explained everything perfectly (for a non-techy like me). 

Is this Program Right for You?

It's my goal to save you time - not waste it! 


  • Businesses who want to connect with their ideal customers and make more money!

  • Businesses interested in paid OR organic growth strategies.

  • Businesses with self-hosted websites (such as WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, Wix, LeadPages, Kartra, Clickfunnels, etc.)

  • eCommerce businesses, bloggers, course creators, podcasters, local businesses, and more


  • Direct Sales Reps, Multi-level Marketers, Network Marketers, and/or Franchisees WITHOUT a self-hosted website/platform.

  • Businesses who are not using the Facebook platform at all (this is a WHOLE other issue!)  

This program makes Pixel installation, troubleshooting, and management PAINLESS,

Even if you are not the slightest bit tech savvy.


The content in this course is simplified and easy to understand PLUS step-by-step video tutorials for the most popular platforms makes Pixel installation easy peasy - even if coding scares you!  


If you have questions that are not covered here, email and we'll get you an answer (and possibly add your question to the list for others to benefit from too)!

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