If there was an emergency and there was not an adult nearby, are you confident that your child knows what to do...

...If there is a stranger at the door?
...If they see or smell smoke?
...If they burn or cut themselves?


The parents who invest in Home Alone Class are not only preparing their children to be independent enough that they can plan to leave them home alone for short periods of time... many of our parents simply want the peace of mind that if an unexpected emergency happens, their child will be okay.

Home Alone Class is a tool to help families ensure that they are prepared for Home Alone situations. The course guides you and your child through the lessons that children need to learn before they take that next step in their independence. With Home Alone Class, your family will feel more prepared and confident when your child is without adult supervision.

Why This Course is Good for you?

  • 1

    You Can't ALWAYS Be There.

    Even something as innocent as hopping in the shower can mean your child is alone for short periods of time. They should know how to be safe in these situations, and you should be able to shower with confidence that the kids will be safe.

  • 2

    Unexpected Emergencies Happen - well - Unexpectedly.

    A babysitter falls through... traffic/weather delays you returning home from work... a caregiver experiences a medical emergencies. Even if your child is not ready for the responsibility of being home alone, there are plenty of situations that are beyond our control which may place your child in a situation where they have to manage on their own for an indefinite period of time.

  • 3

    Independence Is An Important Skill to Teach.

    Teaching our children Home Alone skills empowers them to be more confident and self-assured. Often times our kids learn best when someone other than mom or dad reinforces the lessons - and that's where Home Alone Class comes in!

  • 4

    Filling in the Gaps

    With Home Alone Class, the research is all done for you. We're busy as parents, and Home Alone Class helps ensure that your family doesn't inadvertently forget to teach any essential skills. Your child will learn everything that they need to know to be home alone - whether it's planned, or not!

There are no "cons" to teaching your child these skills!

Here's What You'll Get:

30-Minute Parent Webinar & Getting Started Video PLUS

7 Video Lessons for Kids:

Lesson 1: Communication

Lesson 3: Rules & Expectations

Lesson 2: Responsibility

Lesson 4: 9-1-1

Lesson 5: Basic First Aid

Lesson 6: Emergency Situations

Lesson 7: Home Specific Information

Bonus: 9 Printable Planning Aids!

As a special bonus, we've prepared 9 printable PDFs just for you! 

  • Parent Resources

    • Parent Handbook
    • Home Alone Prep Checklist
    • Safety Checklist
    • Family Binder Checklist
  • Kids' Home Alone Folder

    • Home Alone Checklist
    • In Case of Emergency
    • Family Evacuation Plan
    • Quiz
    • Completion Certificate

Enroll Today!

When you enroll in Home Alone Class, you enroll the whole family. You'll gain Lifetime Access to the program including video lessons and downloads so that all of your children will benefit from the lessons in independence!

Is this Course Right for You?

(Let's face it - this class is NOT for everyone.)


  • Students who are not quite ready to be home alone, yet want to be prepared in case of emergencies.

  • Students who want to stay home alone for short periods of time, but want to make sure they are truly prepared.

  • Parents who want to make sure that they don't forget to teach their child any essential skills.

  • Busy parents who don't have time to do all of the research themselves.


  • Students who have already taken a "baby sitting course." 

  • Students who learn best by reading. These are audio lessons with some visual supports. (We may consider written lessons in the future.)

  • Parents who don't want to play an active role in their child's learning. Home Alone Class includes homework to apply the lessons to the child's home, and success is dependent on full-family involvement. 


Find the answers to the most often asked questions below. Do you have a question that is not listed here? Email support@MegBrunson.com and we'll answer your questions and possible add it to the list below!

How do I know what the laws are in my state?

What ages is this class meant for?

How much time will each lesson take?

How long does it take to complete the class?

What type of prep does the parent need to do ahead of their child beginning the course?

How do we address situations unique to our home/family (allergies, pets, etc.)?

Will my child be certified after completing the course?

Enroll Today!

When you enroll in Home Alone Class, you enroll the whole family. You'll gain Lifetime Access to the program including video lessons and downloads so that all of your children will benefit from the lessons in independence!

Home Alone Class

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