Family Road Ventures

with the Brunsons!

Follow our Family of Six 👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👧‍👧 Coddiwompling 🚙 the USA! 🇺🇸

The Images

Experience the visual story telling of our @FamilyRoadVentures Instagram channel!

The Logistics

Discover how we make it work living full-time in an RV and traveling the country.

The Fun

Check out all the places we've been including reviews to help you plan your future trips!

Meet Our Family

Meg Brunson


The dreamer and event coordinator who enthusiastically planned the trip and brought her business on the road.

Lou Brunson


The skeptic who ends up doing all the manual labor (since he's the only one with any camping experience).

Kiki Brunson

Age 12

The athletic pickle-lover who is looking forward to making new friends and discovering new places.

Alannah Brunson

Age 8

The inquisitive learner who can't wait to experience history and science first-hand.

Eleanor Brunson

Age 6

The soft spoken Spiderman lover who is looking forward to lots of new playgrounds.

RoRo Brunson

Age 4

The sweet and silly youngest sister who is looking forward to real life hugs with all her distant family members.

Penny Brunson

Age 3mo.

A sweet pitty puppy who loves her family, kibble, toys, and playng!

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