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Through results-driven digital marketing campaigns, we expose parents to the brands, products, and services that will enrich, entertain, and educate their families.

There are two types of businesses in the online world right now:


First, there are those who are crushing it...


You see their ads all. the. time. 


People are engaging with their content, and you can imagine the dolla, dolla bills lining their bank accounts because they seem to have cracked the code with Facebook ads.


Then, there's everyone else...


Frustrated beyond belief because their cost per lead is astronomical.


Their ads keep getting disapproved and they can’t figure out what random key element they need to change in order to get their ad approved -- finally.


They’re trying to Google their way to ads success… and they’re nowhere in the neighborhood of success.

If you’re in that second camp...


It sucks.


And, let me guess... you’ve been doing all the things:

  • Following experts and strategists,

  • Watching webinars,

  • Reading blogs,

  • Listening to podcasts,

  • Purchasing courses (and maybe you've even finished one of those courses you've bought?!)...


But, something is still missing and you're DONE trying to figure it out on your own.


Listen, I get it.


At some point you’re ready to delegate away things that don’t fall into your zone of genius.

So, how about now?


If you’re tired of slogging away at stuff that doesn’t fill your business love tank...


And you’re ready to get time, energy, and profitability (because time = money) back into your hands, then it's time to talk about outsourcing with

Results-Driven Marketing Agency.

Founded by a former Facebook employee and leveraging our unique insider information and knowledge to help you with your Facebook marketing execution!


We will work with you to create and execute an individualized marketing strategy to reach your unique goals.

How We Get Results

Highly-Targeted Audiences

We are experts at finding “cold prospects” through Facebook’s extensive targeting options.  We know our way around the targeting options like the back of our hand.

Pixel Perfection

Once confirming your Pixel is installed correctly, we'll leverage the data to develop retargeting and lookalike audiences, optimize your campaigns for conversions, and track all results with precision.

A/B Testing

 Facebook is a platform that is constantly changing, so the testing process is ongoing. Through consistent testing, we ensure that the right content is reaching the right people at the right time.

Dynamic Retargeting

Eligible clients will benefit from dynamic retargeting campaigns.  We will connect your product catalog to your Pixel and dynamically retarget your clients with the items they abandoned in their carts, or up-sell/cross-sell other related items from your product catalog.

Data Analysis

We will leverage data from precious campaigns to optimize future campaigns while providing you with detailed reporting focused on the metrics that matter most to your business - PLUS help you understand why Facebook’s numbers differ from your other analytics.

Creative Optimization

Your creative (image/video) is the first thing people will notice about your ad.  If you do not have adequate creative, we have access to thousands of stock images and/or professional design services.  We will work with you to determine the best creative for your marketing goals.

EIEIO Marketing is a 

Family-First Business.

We love to work with businesses like yours, who also put family first.

While each business is unique, many of our clients are parents pursuing an entrepreneurial dream to provide a better life for their family, while marketing products/services that will enrich the lives of other families.


We have experience working with businesses across a variety of verticals, including:


Service Based

Local Businesses

Special Events

We Love Our Clients...

(Past & Present)

... and Our Clients Love Us Too!

Vince Reed

Founder, Internet Traffic Factory

Stacy Brookman

Life Storytelling & Resilience Expert

Meg was able to pinpoint exactly what mistakes we were making and compiled a list of actionable strategies to maximize our marketing budget while narrowing down our target audience, ensuring that we would get the most ROI.

Diana Trinh

Marketing Director

Absolutely amazing to work with, Meg has all the answers and explained everything perfectly for a non-techy like me!

Michele Lennon

Dog Trainer

Meg knows Facebook Ads really well! I love the monthly reports because it gives us more clarity on our ads and where to focus our budget. Knowing and understanding the technical side is difficult for me, but Meg does well explaining everything so that I can understand it better. She also ensures my ad copy will get more eyes on it by adding details I never even thought about! I've never done Facebook ads the way she does - and we've discovered so many things about our audience with her help! 

Mye De Leon

Hand Lettering Artist

Meg is knowledgeable, savvy, and just plain fun... If you're looking for an ad expert... look no further than this powerhouse wonder woman.

Chris Emmer

Social Media Manager & Strategist

So helpful!  Anytime I have a question, Meg knows

where to direct me. It is so awesome to work with someone who has the insider secrets! She is definitely a pro.


Stacia Kennedy

Sales Coach

Founded by Meg Brunson,

a former Facebook employee, passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses find success with Facebook Marketing.

Still Have Questions?

We're happy to offer a complimentary call to qualified businesses. Because we want to ensure that we're respectful of each other's time, it's encouraged to review all of the information on this page - including these frequently asked questions - before applying for a call.

How do I know if Ad Management is right for me? 

How much does it cost?

How quickly will I see results?

What is the refund policy? Do you guarantee your service?  

I'm ready to get started - what are the next steps?

What if I still have questions?

Apply & Prepare For Your Consult Call

I know you're eager to outsource your Facebook Ads, but it's important to ensure you've got the foundations setting you up for success, and that you find the right Ads Agency/Manager for your business


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Marketing Agency

Through results-driven digital marketing campaigns, we expose parents to the brands, products, and services that will enrich, entertain, and educate their families.

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